Invitation Day 2016

Thanks to everyone for their help at our invitation day in August. We raised a whopping $1100 for Beyond Blue

IMG_4332 web

All ready for the big day


Thanks to the kitchen crew, with Marian at the helm, for making lunch.  Thanks also to everyone who contributed items for the morning tea.


Helena took money at the door….while Michelle took more money when they got inside! Thanks also to Denise for organising the raffle.


Some of Denise’s felted wonders.


What did Tony find to buy that was so exciting it made his hands shake?


Thanks to Lucille for displaying all of the wonderful things our members have been making. These are some of the scarves from the eco dye workshop.


Annette demonstrating her spindle skills…with her homemade spindles?


Margaret smiling…


But shopping is a serious business. Thanks to all of our stall holders and the opportunity to buy lots of great materials and equipment. Now we can all make even more stuff.


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